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Holo to material design – Devoxx France 2015

I was this week at Devoxx France. Apart of the amazing conferences, I was myself doing an updated talk about Material Design. Since the Droidcon Paris (where I first did this presentation), a lot of libraries have been created to achieve various parts of the design specifications, and many apps have adopted this new approach.

I’ll update this article when the video will be available on Parleys. You can however get the slides on Slideshare:



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Hello Roboto!

It has been a year since I published my last article. My blog, over the years, has becomed a mix of articles about Silverlight, Windows Phone, XNA, HTML5, and then Android, design… That’s why I’ve decided to start from scratch a brand new blog, mainly focusing on Android technologies and design. I’ll still write some articles about web technologies, because, well, it’s awesome!

Of course, you can still read the articles of the old blog using its new address:

By the way, have you noticed this nice template? It’s called MaterialWP, and it’s really nice. Take a look at it here.

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